Faculty Board and its growth

The faculty board successfully completing its 5th month of it operations by the April 2014. The faculty board is advised by three external members of (i) Professor K. Kandasamy, Senior Professor from the Faculty of Science, University of Jaffna, (ii) Dr. Nihal Somaratne, Senior academic staff member from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya and (iii) Eng. D.K.P.U. Gunathilake, Deputy General Manager, Northern Province, Ceylon Electricity Board. The faculty has grown up with four PhD holders and three lecturers. The senior staff members completed their postgraduate studies in United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, India and Sri Lanka.

IESL Student membership

The IESL Northern Province Center conducted a seminar about the professional membership and its services to the Engineering students. As a result of this 36 students submitted application in April 2014 to obtain the IESL student membership. Joining the Sri Lankan Engineering professional organization (IESL) will help the students to update the Engineering activities carried out in the country.

Keep the environment clean

The first batch students of the faculty of engineering initiated a cabbage collection system at the faculty canteen. This is targeted to extend in the future with recycling possibility. It was very good motivational activities by the students while spending their leisure time happily. The students were carrying out number of activities while following the first semester course, which was started from 7th April 2014 onwards.

First Batch Orientation Program

First batch students successfully completed the orientation program on 4th April 2014. This was very interesting 6 weeks program, included 100 hours of learning English, number of technical visits such as to (1) Iranamadu Irrigation Scheme, (2) Road Development Department and working site, (3) Building Department and working site, (4) Palmera board research center, (5) Veterinary and Animal Science Department to see their operations, (6) Katcovalam ICE factory, (7) Chunnaham Diesel Power Plant, (8) Kilinochchi train station signaling office, (9) SLT work station in Jaffna, (10) Agricultural research Centre, (11) District planning office and discussion session with the GA Kilinochchi, (12) Agricultural research Centre at Kilinochchi, (13) Cargills Agrifoods Processing Unit, (14) Factory of the Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation, (15) Agriculture Engineering Department at Paranthan, (16) MAS Intimates Vidiyal and Vanavil factories and (17) Presentation on safety issues in Road and Building construction activity at CECB office.

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