Dr. Nihal Somaratna is visiting during October 2014

As the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Jaffna is a newly emerging faculty, it is desirable for the Faculty to invite experienced teachers like Dr. Nihal Somaratna to provide the undergraduates an opportunity to interact with such teachers.  Dr. Somaratna has been visiting the faculty on Fridays during the month of October 2014. During this period he conducted a part of the first year course “Engineering Mechanics”.  Dr. Somaratna has also been serving as an external member of the Faculty Board since January 2014. Continue reading

Mr. M. Sasitharagurukkal is trained on the roof top net metered solar PV systems

Three day training program on Solar Photovoltaic for technicians was held in Hambantota, Sri Lanka from 25th to 27th October 2014. Mr. M. Sasitharagurukkal, technical officer, Faculty of Engineering, university of Jaffna was nominated to take part in the training program from the University of Jaffna. The training program was conducted by Global Sustainable Energy Solutions from Australia. The prime objective of the solar PV training program is to contribute towards operation and maintenance phases of ongoing net-metering schemes, which are based on solar PV rooftop installations. Continue reading

The Faculty of Engineering is selected to award the roof top net metered solar PV systems

As a part of the presently undertaken ADB aided project on grid-connected, net-metered, rooftop solar PV systems, four Engineering Faculties in Sri Lanka will get a complete set of solar PV systems installed within their premises. The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Jaffna is one of them, has been selected to award about 50kW rooftop solar PV systems. As a part of the project, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) conducted a 5 Day training program on Solar Photovoltaic in Hambantota from 22nd to 26th October 2014.

Continue reading

Dr. T. Thiruvaran appointed as Acting Head to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr. T. Thiruvaran appointed as the acting head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering on 17th October 2014. He received BScEng Degree with first class honours from University of Peradeniya in 2002. He was the batch second in the final year of his studies in 2002 and obtained University Prize for Academic Excellence from University of Peradeniya. He obtained PhD from University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 2010. He is serving the University of Jaffna as a senior lecturer as one of the founder staff member of the Faculty of Engineering. Continue reading

Mr. S. Thananjeyan presented his research paper at the IESL Annual Sessions

The first IESL Annual Sessions paper from the University of Jaffna was presented by Mr. S. Thananjeyan on 15th October 2014 at the IESL Wimalasurendra Auditorium. Thananjeyan is a lecturer from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He worked with the team of members comprising Mr. S. Arunan, from Department of Computer Engineering, Dr. T. Thiruvaran and Dr. A. Atputharajah, who are from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This was a good research that addresses integrated solutions with the energy storage, which plays multiple roles with applications in transportation and power systems.

Dr. Sivakumar’s visit to Bangladesh for the WaSo project meeting

The Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED) has been launched by Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation (NORAD).  Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna (UoJ) has already formulated a partnership programme with the Faculty of Engineering of University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (UoP), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Institute of Technology of Cambodia, (ITC), Telemark University College Norway (TUC), and University of Life Sciences Norway (UMB) through this NORAD assistance. Continue reading

Vice Chancellor and Deans of the University of Jaffna met His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa

The University of Jaffna thanks His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa for helping for the development of both the Faculties of Agricultural and Engineering at Kilinochchi at the event held at DS office in Kilinochchi on 13th October 2014.
History of the development of the Faculty of Engineering: In 1979, the Senate and Council of the University of Jaffna appointed a committee to submit proposal to establish the Faculty of Engineering and comprehensive report submitted in 1980. Continue reading

Discussion with the MAS Active Central Autonomation Team

MAS Active Central Autonomation team representatives, Eng Kalyana Bandara, Manager-Autonomation and Mr. Wimalarathna Atapattu, General Manager Lean-Autonomation visited the Faculty of Engineering and delivered a motivational talk to the students on 9th October 2014. They targeted to give few Autonomation projects to the students, who are very energetic to challenge the industries with new thinking. It was an excellent discussion with the students.Then the faculty staff visited the MAS Active Vaanavil factory at Ariviyal Nagar. Continue reading

Tree plantation by students at the Faculty premises

The Engineering students society of the Faculty of Engineering initiated a tree plantation program to make the hot environment greener and cooler in future. The Faculty supported this program by purchasing suitable trees to be planted in the Faculty of Engineering. With the change of weather season it is expected more rain in the coming days. Therefore the tree plantation at the Faculty of Engineering was started slightly earlier than previously scheduled,on 9th October 2014. Continue reading

Drop-in-health Centre and Counselling Station at the Kilinochchi Premises

Drop-in-health centre and counselling station have started operations on 7th October. Dr. P. Karthikeyan, RDHS Kilinochchi and his crew worked hard to bring this centre in operation within a short period of time. Deputy registrar and student counsellors of the Faculty of Engineering took part in initiatives to get the centre run on regular basis. Presently, Dr. Menaka from Kilinochchi district hospital visits the Kilinochchi premises voluntarily to provide medical assistance. The centre will operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week from 2 to 3 p.m. This is a noteworthy achievement at the Kilinochchi premises, University of Jaffna, to cater health needs of all students, staff of the Kilinochchi premises. The medical doctors have promised to provide their continuous support until, Kilinochchi premises gets a designated medical officer.