Equipment Purchase to the Faculty of Engineering – 2016 first set

Invitation for Bids – Supply of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Equipment: The bid has been called on 17th March 2016 to supply equipment for the Mechanical Engineering section of the Department of Interdisciplinary studies and Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Both Heads of the Departments, Lecturers and Technical Officers were working very hard as excellent team to order the best standard equipment for the experiments to be conducted at the Faculty. Finally after a detailed study by experts’ teams, total of 72 million equipment purchase order was sent. Continue reading

Mr. Mahalingasivam Yogavarathan from Norway delivered a talk on Engineers without Boarders

An introductory guest lecture by Mr. Mahalingasivam Yogavarathan from Norway on the activities of Engineers without borders and the opportunities they provide for Engineers to serve the community. This lecture was held on 3rd March 2016 at 4:15 pm in the Lecture Hall No 2, 2nd Floor, Faculty of Engineering, Ariviyal Nagar. Mr. Yogavarathan is a Senior Principal Lead with Aker Solutions AS-MMO. He has 24 years of experience on most aspects of the Oil Industry from upstream to fabrication of topside and maintenance downstream. Further he got multi-discipline experiences from R&D engineering, fabrication, installation, training, technical support and management. He is also a member of humanitarian agencies such as Engineers without boarders and Norway Cares