Constitution for the UBL of the UOJ

Professor Kanes K Rajah, who holds the Royal Agricultural University Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, help to draft the proposed constitution for the University Business Linkage for the University of Jaffna. He visited to the Faculties of Engineering, Agriculture and Management during the last week of July 2016.

Professor Rajah spent his time together with the UBL coordinators of the Faculty of Engineering Mr. R. Valluvan and Mr. M. Vignarajah, he spent three full days on discussions and finally got the proposed constitution for the UBL. It was excellent knowledge transferred by mentoring many staff at different levels through discussions. The Faculty of Engineering and the University sincerely thank his dedicated help on spending his valuable time starting from morning till late hours of days on helping to draft this constitution. It has been stressed that the way forward of the academic institution is to establish the UBL and provide closer services to the region and the industries for the economic growth of the country.