Guest Lecture on “Application of Engineering Principles in the Building Industry as a Case Study”

This lecture was focused to the final year students but not limited to. It was delivered by Mr. B. Kiriparan (Structural Engineer CSEC Sri Lanka) on 21st July Friday 9.45am to 10.30am at Main Auditorium. The Department of Civil Engineering together with the carrier guidance cell of the faculty engineering thanking Mr. B. Kiriparan for his valuable time on sharing his design experience with our students.

Biography of the Resource Person: Eng. Kiriparan obtained his B.Sc.(Eng) degree in the field of civil Engineering from the University of Peradeniya in Year 2013 with the first class honours and awarded for best performance in strength of materials. After serving as Temporary instructor at structures laboratory of University of Peradeniya over half a year, Kiriparan joined Civil and Structural Engineering Consultants (pvt) Ltd as practicing Structural Engineer. Kiriparan served as responsible team member of Civil and Structural Engineering Consultants (pvt) Ltd involving, in the design of structures ranging from low rise structures to tall buildings. His experience in the field of structural Engineering is extended in the design of various structural materials such as concrete, timber, steel and composites. His interested research areas are structural performance of concrete filled steel composites, structural optimization, finite element analysis of tall buildings and rehabilitation of existing buildings.