Control System and Robotics Laboratory

The Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at University of Jaffna has control laboratory to provide hands on experience to undergraduate students. This laboratory has following state-of-the-art experimental testbeds:

  1. Control & Instrumentation Principles – Feedback Servo Control
  2. Robotics learning kit – LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (Educational Core & Expansion Set)
  3. Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs) trainer kit – Scientec Universal PLC Platform
  4. Robotic Arm (Manipulator) – 4 DOF Lynx motion & 6 Axis Common Place Robotic Arm
  5. Humanoid Robot – NAO Evolution

The laboratory facilities are primarily used for undergraduate research projects and following undergraduate subjects: (1) control systems, (2) Robotics, and (3) Final year project