TESS Development Training In Sri Lanka


Valorization of Solidwaste – University of Southern Norway & University of Jaffna

The funding from European Union (ERASMUS+) was secured by University of Southern Norway, in collaboration with several universities, including University of Jaffna, in 2019. The project secured a total grant of EUR 969,089.00, for project activities pertaining to capacity building under the title,

“Techno-economic-societal sustainable Development training in Sri Lanka (TESS)”

The project activities of the University of Jaffna are coordinated by Dr. D N Subramaniam from the Department of Civil Engineering with a grant allocation of EUR 99199. The project activities were initiated in February 2020 at a kick-off meeting organized at the University of Ruhuna.

The University of Jaffna is committed to enhancing its capacity in valorization techniques of solid-waste, which includes primarily developing a curriculum for a postgraduate course (Master of Science) in the same field. The aim of the project is congruent to the issues pertaining to lack of solid-waste management, resulting in a rapid increase in production and scarcity of facilities that currently managing it, generally all over Sri Lanka. This project will, therefore, enhance the knowledge and skills of graduates and practitioners in sustainability concepts and practices in the field of solid-waste management.