Simulation Laboratory

Simulation laboratory in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering University of Jaffna, is currently equipped with 46 high-end PCs.

The lab is having state of the art facilities to provide hands-on experience for students those who are following under-graduate program and carrying out research activities.

The laboratory facilities are primarily used for the following subjects/ modules. The list of software tools used in these modules are listed below:

Software tools
1 Digital Signal Processing (EC5011) Matlab & Simulink
2 Optical Communication (EC9100) Gain Master
3 Power System Control and Stability (EC9020) Matlab & Power world
4 Electric Power (EC4030) PSCAD
5 Power Systems (EC6030) Power world, Matlab & PSCAD
6 Communication Network Design (EC7090) Radio Mobile, Boson Netsim, Opti System, Atoll, and Matlab
7 Power Electronics and Design (EC5051) NI Multisim Circuit Design Suite
8 Electricity Generation From Renewable Energy Sources (EC9030) PSCAD
9 Advanced Electric Machines (EC9120) Matlab & Simulink
10 Control Systems (EC5030) Matlab & Simulink

The lab is capable of accommodating 46 students at a time.