Wind power plant

5 kW wind turbine


The installed 5kW wind turbine at the renewable energy park of the Faculty of Engineering is one of the latest models of the wind turbine. Eng.Manjula Perera, CEO of the Wind Force Pvt. Ltd donated the wind turbine to the Faculty of Engineering. This is donated to demonstrate renewable energy technology to the undergraduates as well as community. This is now operating as the grid-connected wind turbine with the permissions from the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority and Ceylon Electricity Board. This is an excellent help to the Faculty of Engineering to grow up the knowledge of the students with green and sustainable energy technologies. The faculty thank Eng. Manjula Perera for donating this valuable donation to the Faculty of Engineering for the purpose of undergraduates teaching and demonstrating to the community and other renewable energy technology developers. Mr. Rajan has been assigned to monitor the progress of wind power plants.

1 kW Sky Wind NG


The 1 kW sky wind generator is installed on top of the Mechanical and Process Engineering building at the Faculty of Engineering. It was donated by Mr. Manoharan, Manager KOSE Corporation Pvt Ltd. This small power plant was provided for educational and research purposes. This is a grid connected system which contains a Sky Wind DC generator and a Wind Grid Tie Inverter.

Sky Wind Turbine

Rated Power 1 kW
Rotor Diameter 1.5 m
Rotor material Aerospace aluminum
Output 60 DC max

TingEN Wind Grid Tie Inverter

Maximum AC Output Power 1000 W
AC output Voltage Range 190V~ 260V
THD <5%
DC Input Voltage Range 22V-60V
Peak Inverter Efficiency 92%
Output Current Waveform Pure Sine wave
MPPT Function yes
Over current protection yes
Over temperature protection yes
Reverse polarity protection yes
Island Protection yes