WaSo: Institutional capacity-building in Water Management and Climate Change Adaptation in selected countries in Asia and Africa. This is a five-year project involving eleven partner universities from Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Norway.
Project Coordinator :- Dr S.S.Sivakumar
Project Secretary :- Saliya Sampath
Other researchers :- Prof.(Ms) S Kugathasan, Prof(Ms) G Mikunthan, Prof (Ms) M Sentilnanthanan, Dr B. Ketheesan, Dr A Nanthakumaran

The WaterH Erasmus + project intends to harmonise teaching and pedagogical approaches in water related graduate education in 10 partner universities from China, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sri Lanka, Ukraine.
Project Coordinator :- Dr S.S.Sivakumar
Project Secretary :- Ms T. Logeswaran
Other researchers :- Dr B. Ketheesan, Saliya Sampath

'Kelani Shakthi' turns Jaffna youth into skilled electricians.
Coordinator: Dr. T. Thiruvaran