Faculty staff attended International Conference special session

The International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems special session on SMART GRIDS was organized by the Lanka Electric Company (Pvt) Ltd (LECO) in collaborations with University of Peradeniya. This was held in OZO Colombo on 14th December 2017. Dr. T. Thiruvaran, Miss. S. Vinothine, Miss. S. Selvologini and Mr. S. Sathees from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Jaffna, attended a special session of ICIIS, international conference on industrial and information systems on Smart Grid Technology. The session mainly focused on the following areas.

  1. Flexibility in the future smart grid.
  2. Power electronics revolution in the electric supply industry.
  3. The role of micro grid for system operation support.
  4. Micro-grid stochastic optimal control.
  5. Bad data detection using nonlinear measurement residual.

The session included several key note address from prominent academics from various parts of the world. This includes the talks by Prof Janaka Ekanayake, Prof Sarath Tennakoon, Prof Kin Cheong Sou, Prof Chan Nan Lu and many other professionals. There were two special talks delivered on the topics entitles “Smart Grid Initiative in Taiwan and Distributed Control Scheme for Enhancing Distribution Network Self-healing Capacity” and “Japanese Future Grid and the Role of Renewable Forecasting on its Planning and Operation”. Secretary to the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy addressed the gathering about the smart grid application in Sri Lanka and stressed on the point that special focus must be given to implement smart grid system in Sri Lanka before the other countries achieve this milestone. Academics from other universities, engineers from LECO and CEB were also present during the session.

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Equipment donation from Government of India through a Grant

The grant of 300 million SLR, from the Government of India, was used to development the (i) Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Engineering Building for the Faculty of Engineering, (ii) Vehicle for the Faculty of Engineering, (iii) Equipment for the Mechanical and Process Engineering program and finally (iv) soft skill component to empower the human resources of the Faculty of Engineering.

The Third component of equipment component was delivered on 14th December 2017 to the Mechanical and Process Section of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Faculty of Engineering. The below items were delivered:

  1. 9 of medium duty center lathe
  2. 3 of heavy duty lathe machine
  3. 3 of drilling machine
  4. CNC turning center machine
  5. planar machine
  6. power press machine
  7. 3 of wood working lathe
  8. 2 of vertical ram turret milling machine

The total cost of these all equipment (without custom duty) was 17,761,600 Sri Lankan Rupees. The Faculty of Engineering is sincerely thanking the Government of India fro this donation.

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