Equipment donation from Government of India through a Grant

The grant of 300 million SLR, from the Government of India, was used to development the (i) Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Engineering Building for the Faculty of Engineering, (ii) Vehicle for the Faculty of Engineering, (iii) Equipment for the Mechanical and Process Engineering program and finally (iv) soft skill component to empower the human resources of the Faculty of Engineering.

The Third component of equipment component was delivered on 14th December 2017 to the Mechanical and Process Section of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Faculty of Engineering. The below items were delivered:

  1. 9 of medium duty center lathe
  2. 3 of heavy duty lathe machine
  3. 3 of drilling machine
  4. CNC turning center machine
  5. planar machine
  6. power press machine
  7. 3 of wood working lathe
  8. 2 of vertical ram turret milling machine

The total cost of these all equipment (without custom duty) was 17,761,600 Sri Lankan Rupees. The Faculty of Engineering is sincerely thanking the Government of India fro this donation.