Professor Eliathamby Ambikairajah Award for Best Performance – E/13 batch first semester examination

The Professor Eliathamby Ambikairajah award for the best performance is an excellent motivation award for the students to achieve the best in their free education system. For the first batch this award goes to two students, Mr. Ratnakumar Neethan and Mr. Arukattu Patabendige Yasindhu Sandaruwan as their achievement was the highest GPA.

The Award Concept:
The award is to be given every semester, and is awarded to the student who has the best overall academic performance in engineering in that semester. For students in their first three semesters, the award is given to the best overall academic performance in each semester in engineering, irrespective of specialty. For students in their last five semesters, the award is to be given to the student with best overall academic performance in each semester in electrical engineering. If there is a situation, where there are no electrical engineering enrolments or low academic performance amongst electrical engineering enrolments, then the award in the last five semesters can be given for best overall academic performance for engineering students irrespective of specialty. The total amount to be paid for the award in each semester is Rs. 24,000.