Students’ Social Event

First and second batch of students organized a social event at the Faculty of Engineering on 23rd April 2015. It was fantastic opportunity to the students express their talents to the staffs and other students. All students from the first and second batch participated in the event along with the staff members of the faculty. Many talented performances were staged and received a good applause from the audience. Continue reading

Donation of Solar panels and charging circuits to Faculty of Engineering, UOJ – by JLanka Pvt. Ltd.

Two solar panels and two charging circuit were donated by the JLanka Pvt. Ltd. on 22nd April 2015 to the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Jaffna. This is to motivate the Research and Development in the field of renewable energy technologies and its applications. The faculty took immediate initiative and it has been allocated to an applied research student project on “Designing of an unmanned solar powered lawn mower”.

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Workshop on Water Conflicts Resolution, Treatment & Desalination.

Department of Civil engineering, University of Jaffna organized a successful workshop on water conflicts resolution, treatment and desalination on 18th and 19th of April 2015 Workshop covered research areas of reverse osmosis, water treatment, conflict resolution, climate change and resilience of water bodies and few more related to water. This workshop was funded by Water and Society (WaSo) Project of University of Jaffna.

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Sports activity between staffs and students

The first time in large scale, the sports activities were conducted on 1st April 2015 at the playground of the Kilinochchi premises of the University of Jaffna. It was excellent entertainment event between the staff and students. All the staff and students from both batches of the Faculty of Engineering were participated. Cricket and netball were conducted. Finally excellent performances of the young bloods of students were very well appreciated all the staff and few presents were awarded to the students.

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