Mr. Jay Cousins, a consultant form Berlin, delivered a talk at the Faculty

University Business Linkage program, the GIZ brought a consultant Mr. Jay Cousins from Berlin, to deliver a session at Kilinochchi on 30th May 2016. The session was organized for students as well as the staff. Jay was a creative and entrepreneurial personality, who does very inspirational work in prototyping, business and community building. He’s done several Ted talks and created a few lab spaces in Berlin. Continue reading

Equipment Purchase to the Faculty of Engineering – 2016 (Third set)

Invitation for Bids – Supply of Mechanical, Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipment & Lab Furniture: The bid was called on 24th May 2016 to supply equipment for the Mechanical and Civil Engineering, and Laboratory furniture.The young staff of the Departments,which includes Senior Lecturers and Technical Officers were working very hard as excellent team to order the best standard equipment for the experiment to be conducted at the Faculty. Continue reading

Water Harmony Erasmus+ project Annual meeting

Water Harmony Erasmus+ 3rd Annual meeting was held in National Technical University of Ukraine–KPIfrom 19th May to 21st May 2016. Dr.S.S.Sivakumar,Head CivilEngineering and Coordinator WaSo-UoJand Miss. L. Thakshajini participated in this meeting.In this meeting, information exchanged regarding appropriate curriculum related to water and wastewater studies,student mobility to university of Peradeniya in July-August 2016 and staff mobility to Norwegian University of Life Sciences in July-August 2016were discussed. Continue reading

Meeting with the DGM North, National Water Supply and Drainage Board

A preliminary discussion was held at the Vavuniya DGM office between Dr. A. Atputharajah and the DGM North – National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Eng. Umar on 17th May. There a meeting was planned between staff, other experts with the DGM. Finally that meeting was organized on 2nd June 2016 at the Faculty of Engineering in Kilinochchi. This meeting was attended by Dr. S. Balakumar from the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. (Mrs.) T. Mikunthan from the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. S.S. Sivakumar and Dr. A. Atputharajah from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Jaffna. Continue reading

master plan meeting was held in Kilinochchi premises

The master plan meeting was held in Kilinochchi premises on 15th May 2016. Vice Chancellor, Council Members, Deans of all three Faculties (Agriculture, Engineering and Technology), Maintenance Engineer, Deputy Registrar Kilinochchi premises, Assistant Registrars of the Faculties of Agriculture and Engineering attended. The meeting was organized to discuss the overall placement of each sections within the 568 acres of land of the Kilinochchi premises.

Continue reading

Mr. Peter Sommers, UBL consultant, delivered sessions at Kilinochchi

University Business Linkage consultant from Germany, Mr. Peter Sommers, delivered a session at Kilinochchi on 13th May 2016. The session was organized for students as well as project supervisors (staff). Primary discussion was on “Career Prospects and Employment Opportunities through Business Linkages”. After this session, a short discussion was held to finalize the details on “Best practice oriented thesis award”. This discussion was made regarding the Faculty of Engineering, since the Faculty has students only up to third year and therefore a separate set of criteria for this year’s competition was discussed. Continue reading

strategic plan for the Faculty

Staff of the Faculty of Engineering together with the volunteers (professors from foreign Universities) developed the Strategic plan of the Faculty of Engineering. This was planned from December 2013 and improved every year and finally it was fine-tuned with more detail steps during the period of April-May 2016. Here, the plan from 2013 till 2016 and its achievements, were studied critically. Continue reading

Field Trip to Water Treatment Plant

The Civil and Mechanical Engineering students visited Water and wastewater treatment plants in Colombo (Ambatale) and Batticcaloa. It was organized from 3rd till 6th May 2016 by the subject coordinator, Dr. Daniel Subramaniam.  Students of 2013/E batch who are specializing in the fields of Civil Engineering are following a core module on Water and Wastewater Treatment (CE5031) for the fifth semester of their curriculum at present. This course unit aims to provide a detailed study and designing on water and wastewater treatment systems together. The curriculum also includes 24 hours of field visits and laboratory, while assessments are also connected to these sessions. Continue reading