Donation from Eng. P. Vigneswaran

Eng. P. Vigneswaran, Director of oortu organization, donated equipment and furniture. A discussion on enhancing the services of the Faculty of Engineering was held at Oortu office in September 2014. This is to serve the community by uplifting their knowledge and skill through vocational education. It was planned to start the electrician course linking with Kelani Cable industry. There were few items of equipment and furniture categories were donated related to the vocational training on electrician, masonry and carpentry. These donations took place from December 2014 till February 2015. The total donation was equivalent to 2.1 million rupees. The donation was completed on 24th February 2015 by handing over the documents at Oortu office to Eng. P. Vigneswaran by Acting Dean Dr. A. Atputharajah, Acting Heads Dr. S.S. Sivakumar, Dr. T. Thiruvaran, Dr. A. Anburuvel and lecturer from Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Mr. S. Thananjeyan, who helped as coordinator for this donation.

This support will have direct impact on the community, to uplift their living with more employment opportunity as well. Also it will serve the country in better way of reducing the waste, enhancing the quality and reliability with skilled employees with added knowledge.