Dr. D.N. Subramaniam attended workshop on waste-to-business activities on 21st to 22nd October 2015

A workshop was conducted by the Australian-Sri Lankan University partnerships project on developing community-based waste recycling businesses. This was coordinated by Dr. Randika Jayasinghe from the project while Dr. V. Cynthujah coordinated from the Faculty of Engineering.

The workshop was aimed (i) to facilitate awareness and potential for different pedagogical techniques which assist in student / community learning and embrace diversity and (ii) to assess capabilities and needs within the team for knowledge development in areas related to waste material selection, material processing, product design and development, marketing, financial,  planning and cooperative management and sustainable development and (iii) to team build, share ideas and create the outline educational programs.

Dr. D.N. Subramanium was nominated from the Faculty of Engineering to participate these two days’ workshop to develop the curriculum to offer few subjects related to this area. Resource person of this workshop include Professor Caroline Baillie and other from the University of Moratuwa.