First Surveying Camp

Surveying Camp is part of the curriculum of “CE 4010:Surveying and Fieldwork” subject. Seventeen Civil Engineering Students attended the surveying camp and it was 7 day residential program which was held from 30th November to 6th December 2015 at Kanakarayankulam Training Centre (Integrated Farm and Training Centre of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jaffna) at Kanagarayankulam. Students carryout their measuring activities around Puliyankulam and Kanagarayankuam area.

Dr.Gurusinghe and Dr (Mrs) H Nandalal attended as visiting lecturers from University of Peradeniya. Dr. Sivakumar and Eng. SaliyaSampath participated as internal lectures. Mr. K. Kamalaruban, Mr.R.Thanushan and Ms. R. Ramachandran participated as instructors from Department of Interdisciplinary studies and Mr. Senturan participated as instructor from Department of Civil Engineering. Ms.Vernuja who has graduated from Peradeniya University attended as a voluntary instructor.

Mr. Sasitharagurukkal, MrR.Parteepan and Mr. Thinesh attended as technical officers and lab attendants.

Camp fire was held on 5th Saturday night at Puliyankulam railway station and Dr. A. Atputharajah, Dr. A. Anburuvel and Prof. KDW Nandalal attended as invitees.

It was one of the very successful events conducted by Department of Civil Engineering and Eng. SaliyaSampath was coordinated the entire surveying camp activities.