Talent show by Second batch students

The annual talent shows of the faculty was organized by the second batch students was held on the 24th December 2015. This becomes as one of the best events to show up or bring out the talents of the students. The first batch of students also conducted this event during last year. The program comprises of many items such as debates, singing, dancing, dramas, cultural dances and musical events. This was a great success on encouraging students to shown up their hidden and innate talents. These events help the students to showcase their aesthetic talents while increasing team work and understanding among students. Motivational talks given during the event by Professor N. Ravichandran from University of Clemson in USA, Professor Anura Jayasumana from Colorado State University in USA and Dr. A. Atputharajah Dean of the Faculty were also motivated the students while enjoying the talents of the colleagues. All faculty staff, students, professors from other Universities and industrial engineers around Kilinochchi were presented.