Visit of undergraduate students’ team from Queensland, Australia

Dr. Wijitha Senadeera from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia and his research team made a visit to the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna in December 2015. The Faculty staff members had a fruitful discussion with this research team on possible research opportunities for the undergraduates and staff members especially the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and the Head, Department of Interdisciplinary studies.

Undergraduates of 2013/E batch from Mechanical Engineering discipline, met this research students’ team. It was an excellent opportunity to share their experience with the undergraduates from QUT.

Dr. Wijitha Senadeera is in contact with the Faculty staff members where he donated books on Mechanical Engineering discipline on 9th July 2015. He also offered us an opportunity that he will make some useful visits and organize seminars and guest lectures on mechanical engineering discipline.