WaterH Second Project Meeting in Kandy, Sri Lanka

The WaterH Second Project meeting was held in Queen’s Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka from 30th March to 2nd April 2016. This meeting was scheduled as per the Partnership Agrееmеnt on Harmonizing water related graduate education (Water Harmony) with Еrasmus+, that supports projесt сooреration bеtwееn ten Universities in Norway, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, China and Sri Lanka.

Dr S S Sivakumar Head Civil Engineering attended and presented the University of Jaffna in this meeting as the project coordinator. Ms Thaksijini Logeswaran, Lecturer also attended the meeting as project assistant from University of Jaffna. Prof Harsha Ratnaweera and Dr Zakhar Maletskyi from Norway-Norwegian university of life sciences; Prof Joachim Fettig and Prof Martin Oldenburg from Dermaney-Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences; Prof Lech Smoczyński and Prof Slawomir Kalinowski from Poland-University of Warmia and Mazury; Prof Alexandr Pivovarov and Dr Roman Smotraiev from Ukrain-Ukrainian State Univ. of Chemical Technology; Dr Olga Sanginova and Dr Nataliia Tolstopalova from Ukraine-National Technical Univ. of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Inst.”; Prof Hennadiy Stolyarenko and Ms Natalia Fomina from Ukraine-Cherakssy State Technological University; Prof S.B. Weerakoon, Prof K.P.P. Pathirana, Dr Gemunu Herath, Prof K.D. N Nandalal from Sri Lanka-University of Peradeniya), Prof Zhibin Zhang and Dr Yanhao Zhang from China-Shandong Jianzhu University; Prof Xuejun Bi and Prof Lihua Cheng from China-Qingdao Technological University were participated in the meeting. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya also invited and attended the above meeting.