Professor DhayalanVelauthapillai visited to the Faculty

Professor DhayalanVelauthapillai visited to the faculty on 2nd July to have a discussion on future collaborations specially on submitting a NOPART proposal. Dhayalan is a professor from the Faculty of Engineering and Business Administration of the Bergen University College in Norway. The Faculty of Science had already long past historical collaboration with Professor Dhayalan. It was excellent discussions on extending his collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering too. He also see through the facilities available at the Faculty of Engineering including the roof top solar system.

The NOPART proposal is based on both project development and implementation of educational activities. There were number of activities discussed related to Master and PhD level postgraduate program and research, undergraduate curriculum development and staff as well as students exchange programs. Some focused discussions were on renewable energy technologies. All these collaborations was headed by Professor Dhayalan and Professor P. Ravirajan, the lead researcher from the Faculty of Science of the University of Jaffna. The Faculty of Engineering is thanking both professors for initiating this collaborative program.