Faculty staff gathering

The faculty is growing smoothly with the increasing number of students and infrastructure development. It has become tradition that any staff’s birthday or any special day is celebrated by all the staff together. This is to borrow an opportunity to have good interaction between staff members, working in the Faculty. One of the celebration was coordinated by group of staff, headed by Mrs. Anusuya Arunan, on 13th September 2016.

It is good to check how the faculty is grown in the past. The first batch was received with 39 students in February 2014. The second batch was with 54 students in December 2014. Third batch was with 48 students on November 2015. Fourth batch students will be taken with 75 students in November 2016. With the increasing students’ population, the staff also increased. Currently the Faculty got total of about 70 staff members (20 permanent academic staff, 1 administrative staff, 13 nonacademic staff, 25 temporary instructors, 8 management trainees on contract, 2 ad-hoc laborers).