Industrial consultative committee (ICC) of Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. (Eng) SS. Sivakumar, Head Civil Chaired the meeting. Eng. M. Vignarajah (Senior Lecturer, Accreditation Manager), Dr. N. Sathiparan (Senior Lecturer, IQAC member), Ms. L. Thaksijini (Lecturer, A/Secretary ICC), Eng. P. Thivaharan (CE-Buildings), Eng. K. Muraleetharan EE Buildings), Eng. N. Suthaharan (DD-Irrigation), Eng. S. Suventhan (DE-NWSNB), Eng. S. Pushparaja (CE-CECB), Eng. V. Jegananthan (CE-RDD), Eng. Rajagobu (DD-Irrigation) attended the meeting. The meeting was held on 7th February 2017 at the Board room of this Faculty of Engineering. The below three presentations was discussed as introduction to the Faculty of Engineering and explain the requirement of the ICC meeting. It was also discussed that the industry–department collaboration in the future.

  1. The Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka : An overview
  2. IESL Recognition process
  3. Accreditation of Engineering Degree