Faculty staff participated to the Strategic Cities Development Project on Jaffna Integrated Multi Model Transport Study

The Government Agent of the Jaffna District, invited Dr. A. Anburuvel to participate the Strategic Cities Development Project Meetings to get his advice as expert on transportation. It was planned to conduct number of discussions from March 2017. It has been decided to study the Jaffna integrated multi model transport system to identify and stream line to the traffic and transport management towards future development in city area. It is targeted to establish the development plan throughout till 2050. It is an excellent initiative by the Government Agent of the Jaffna District to integrate the experts’ advices for the long term future plan. The faculty is happy to help in all means on helping to develop the strategic cities development plan for the sustainable solutions for problems in the cities, around this region, with long term focus. This will help to move forward with sustainable development of the country at large scale.