Tamil Engineers Foundation (Engineering Charity Fund – Australia) donated 25 drawing boxes

Tamil Engineers Foundation, which is a registered Engineering Charity Fund organisation at Australia, have donated 25 drawing boxes to the Engineering Student Union. This donation is 121,725 rupees worth drawing instrument boxes for the additional intake of 25 students in the 4th batch of the undergraduate student. The faculty took 3rd batch with 50 students’ intake and 4th batch with 75 students’ intake. Normally this is done by the alumni association in other Universities. This is to help the undergraduate students to provide equal opportunity, where they can perform the best in their studies.

It is a much needed support for the students where the students themselves manage the drawing boxes for their operations. In other words, only capital investment is given to the students as donation the recurrent (damage or repair or replacement) will be managed from their internal arrangement. The internal management especially on the drawing boxes were drafted as an operational guidance and this was monitored by the Senior Treasurer of the Engineering Students Union. This will give another direction of learning on using and utilising the facilities given to the students. The faculty thanks for the Tamil Engineers Foundation for their support on this donation thus empower the students. This specially give real feeling to the students leaders to learn the sustainable way of managing the donations.