Sri Lanka German Training Institute Kilinochchi top management met with Faculty of Engineering Staff Members

Mr. Erwin Schulz, Director of the Sri Lanka German Training Institute at the Kilinochchi and his staff members visited to the Faculty of Engineering to meet the dean and the staff. The meeting was held on 17th May at the Faculty Board room. It was great pleasure that the both institutes top management staff members met together and discuss about the possible collaborations. The Acting Dean Dr. Anburuvel welcomed the team from SLGTI headed by Mr. Erwin. It was stressed that as these two institutions are very closer to each other in the neighborhood, it can be opened up many possibilities of cooperation for the mutual benefit of both institutions. This meeting has provided a great opportunity to both group of professionals of getting to know each other as well as exploring possible fields of cooperation. There were altogether 7 members visited from SLGTI to and the faculty heads and staff members participated in this discussion. The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Atputharajah express his thanking message to Mr. Erwin Schulz and Mrs. Dayanthi from the SLGTI for organizing this meeting, which will bring number of collaborations between both institutions.

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