Dean and his team discuss the possible collaborations with few professionals in USA

The dean and the heads of the departments of the Faculty of Engineering had a full day conference with the professionals on 3rd June 2017. This was conducted in two sections.

The first meeting was conducted from morning till afternoon and it was coordinated by Eng. Ram Praveen and Dr. R. Thevamaran. This was also supported by the care for education at Houston. This discussion was mostly with the professors and industrial engineers. There were members attended to the meeting as well as some of them were attended through video conference arrangement. It was excellent discussion for about six hours, on possible collaborations while uplifting the undergraduate education, where it will result to economic development of the county. The professors agreed to be external supervisor to the undergraduate projects, visiting to the Faculty of Engineering University of Jaffna for their short stay on empowering the students, fine tuning the laboratory setups while giving their inputs to the teaching and learning systems. The discussions were very much impressed and motivated towards empowering the human resources while promising fullest support to the research projects at supervisory levels.

The second discussion was conducted in the evening and it was coordinated by Eng. C. Devarajan and Dr. R. Thevamaran. Here several professionals including medical doctors, professors, engineers and business leaders and managers attended. It was again good to have discussions with different variety of professionals at Houston. It was a very short presentation delivered by the Dean on the status of the faculty development and future challenges. The dean presented in brief that the challenges are mainly focused on getting permanent human resources. Further the dean and the members of the team thanked the care for education for their support received for this excellent visit. The event ended with the dinner.