The management team of the faculty visited to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Boston USA

The management team of the Faculty of Engineering had a full day visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Boston USA. This visit was organized on 5th June 2017 and coordinated by Professor K. Chelvakumar and Professor Rohan Abeyaratne. The full team, from the Faculty of Engineering, travelled from Houston to Boston on 4th June. Professor Sam Thiagalingam welcomed the team and the crew stayed in his residence with a brief discussion at the dinner time on 4th June.

The team visited to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the help of Professor K. Chelvakumar on 5th June morning till evening. We met Professor Rohan Abeyaratne in the morning. Then both Professors took us for networking with many other professors as per in our schedule, which was very well in advance organized by professor together with the care for education. It was excellent to observe that the concept of the curriculum is more towards involving students in projects and less teaching and student oriented too. Also covering wider spectrum of knowledge through projects. They do with two semesters common, however the trend is to increase the common semesters. Increase the design and projects and minimize class room teaching. The D-Lab concept was very attractive to exchange students. Further EdX courses were excellent concept on knowledge sharing with all other Universities and Industries. It was excellent visit on gaining a lot on different concepts on motivating the students towards entrepreneurship, where number of startup businesses were observed.