The faculty team had discussions with the professionals from South California, USA

The team from the Faculty of Engineering, the Dean Professor A. Atputharajah, Heads of the Departments Dr. T. Thiruvaran, Dr. A. Anburuvel, Dr. A. Kaneswaran and Dr. B. Ketheesan from Department of Civil Engineering, had very good interactive discussion for couple of hours in South California on 10th June. This visit was coordinated by Eng. P. Piratheepan and his team. Number of professionals participated to this event. It was pleased notified that Mrs. Thurairajah was invited for this discussion. Professor K. Chelvakumar was also participated to this discussion, who knows the Faculty of Engineering operations, as he visited few times and served the faculty, by staying a month per year.

The dean presented the (i) history of the Faculty, (ii) curriculum in brief, (iii) progress of the Faculty of Engineering in terms of human resource development, infrastructure development including laboratory and office buildings, equipment, furniture and accommodation, (iv) Other new technologies such as renewable energy park, etc., (v) Services to the region, (vi) sports and other entertainment, (vii) Achievements of the Faculty students and staff, (viii) summery of the visit carried out in USA and (ix) number of challenges and opportunities to serve the best to the country through this Faculty of Engineering. The presentation, which was presented can be viewed from this link.