Specialization in Mechanical and Process Engineering

The specialization in mechanical and process engineering is designed to provide background for a variety of careers. The discipline is very broad, but it generally covers major aspects in mechanical engineering, chemical and process engineering, and manufacturing engineering. Our demanding course curriculum in mechanical and process engineering has been developed in such a way to prepare the students for their individual career paths and fosters the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing technologies faced by today’s engineers. The primary educational objective of the specialization is to produce graduates who is capable of designing and developing sustainable solutions through identifying, formulating and analyzing engineering problems while taking social, environmental and economic constraints into consideration in multidisciplinary settings.

The specialization in mechanical and process engineering is offered from semester 4 to semester 8, during which students will learn Thermodynamics, Machine design, Tribology, Process engineering, Production engineering, Materials engineering and manufacturing technology, Mechanics of materials, Fluid mechanics and machinery, Mechatronics, Dynamics of mechanical systems and control together with a research project. The course units are designed to cover both theoretical aspects as well as cutting-edge technologies and tools.

The specialization program is supported by the following lab facilities at the department of Mechanical, manufacturing and process engineering: Chemical and Processing Lab, Thermodynamics Lab, Manufacturing Lab, Robotic Lab, Applied Mechanics Lab, Strength of Materials Lab, Sustainable Technologies Lab, Mechatronics Lab, Automation Lab, Biomechanics Lab, Computer Aided Design Lab and Drawing Office.



Upon successful completion of the general program (first three semesters of the academic program), the students can choose the discipline which they want to specialize. During the course of specialization, they have to earn 78 academic credits from various course units in order to complete the specialization. More details regarding the requirements and regulations can be found at http://www.jfn.ac.lk/eng/content/undergraduate-curriculum.