Discussion with the MAS Active Central Autonomation Team

MAS Active Central Autonomation team representatives, Eng Kalyana Bandara, Manager-Autonomation and Mr. Wimalarathna Atapattu, General Manager Lean-Autonomation visited the Faculty of Engineering and delivered a motivational talk to the students on 9th October 2014. They targeted to give few Autonomation projects to the students, who are very energetic to challenge the industries with new thinking. It was an excellent discussion with the students.Then the faculty staff visited the MAS Active Vaanavil factory at Ariviyal Nagar. It was a good discussion and field visit to see the operational steps of the factory. In future students will be given industrial projects with academic staff guidance that would enhance their free thinking and industrial involvement. This will be good win-win situation to both the Industry as well as the University while motivating the students to engage with industrial projects.