Meeting by Rotary Club of Kilinochchi Town at the Faculty of Engineering

The Rotary Club of Kilinochchi Town Organized a meeting for potential members from the faculty to learn about Rotaract. The Rotary Club of Kilinochchi town has in its membership; Doctors, Engineers, Directors, Managers, School Principals, Retired Professionals, Business Developers from Private and Public sectors. It is not only a club that has most number of professionals by percentage they have vast hands-on experience in their fields of expertize. It is also recognized as a club that has one of the biggest number of charter members.

To be sponsored and continued to be mentored by such a club is an excellent opportunity for the potential Rotaractors to learn from them and contribute to the community and society at large.

The club members had an excellent interaction with the students on 21st January 2015 at the Faculty lecture hall about its services. The Rotarians introduced the concepts of Rotary and Rotaract to the students and their offer to sponsor a Rotaract Club in the faculty. Only an active charted Rotary club can sponsor another club. The board and the members of the Rotary Club of Kilinochchi Town was headed by its president Dr. Sathyamurthy and was accompanied by its secretary Rtn. Winston Thangaraja, Treasurer Rtn. Marlon Buljens, President Nominee Rtn. Kadampaseelan, Vice President Rtn. Pangkayatchelvan, Past District Governor Rtn. Pathmanathan and 19 members.  All students from both batches participated this event.