Eng. Ajith Alwis delivered a talk at the Faculty on “Solar Power Technologies”

The faculty invited Eng. Ajith  Alwis, on 28th August 2015, to deliver a talk on solar power for the first batch of students, who are specializing in the field of Electrical and Electronic engineering. It is also part of the course unit on Electric Power (EC4030) in their fourth semester of study. This course unit expects to provide a detailed study on power generation. Renewable energy generation is one of the promising topics, which will be discussed in detail in this course. In order to provide more knowledge on latest development in wind and solar power generation, a guest lecture is included as part of the course.

Eng. Ajith Alwis, is a national consultant in “Solar Roof Top Pilot Project” at Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority under ADB projects since January 2014. He is an expert in modeling the practically available renewable energy resources. His permanent employment is with the Ceylon Electricity Board in the capacity of Chief Engineer. With his work experience of over 25 years, now he is working as the consultant to the pilot projects on roof top solar systems to be implemented at the four Engineering faculties. One of this roof top solar power projects is about 50kW and it will be implemented to the first building of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna. Further his skills and expertise are on Design of Grid Sub-station, Assessment of Renewable Energy Resources, Solar Resource Mapping, Renewable Energy Site Selection using GIS, Environmental Impact assessment, Project planning and commissioning.