Eng. N. Sivaruban visited the Faculty and donated books for the library

Eng. N. Sivaruban is a Professional Engineer specialized in Structural Engineering, working at Ensco Plc, an Offshore Drilling Contractor. He visited the Faculty on 26th August 2015. He discussed about the donation of books and delivered two boxes of books, which are very useful to the students. There were 173 books in the donation. Further, he also discussed with some of the staff members about future collaboration. He is also one of the active team members of the Care for Education, rendering number of services for uplifting the education system, from USA, who also helps to develop the curriculum of the Faculty of Engineering by connecting leading professors all over the world.

Eng. Nadarajah Surendran delivered a talk at the Faculty

Eng Surendran delivered a one hour talk to the first batch students, who are specializing in Civil Engineering on 26th August 2015. In his speech he covered structural engineering and its latest technological development, introduction to the Eurocodes and general topics such as communication skills including report writing. It was a very good motivational talk and the students got motivated to form the Civil Engineering Student Society to conduct a number of activities.

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