Dr. Daniel Niruban Subramanium joined the Faculty from 8th September 2015

Dr. D.N. Subramanium joined the Faculty in the permanent cadre of the Department of Civil Engineering from September 2015. He has specialized in Environmental Engineering. Environmental concerns are increasing for human good life in the world. The Faculty absorbed him for teaching the students with the most important area in Environmental Engineering.

Dr. D N Subramaniam obtained his BSc. Eng (Hons) from University of Moratuwa in 2008 and continued to read for his MSc. at University of Southampton, United Kingdom and graduated in 2009. Later, he obtained his Doctor of Philosophy from Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2015, with a research focus on storm water management system: storm water bio filters. Currently, he is attached to Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Jaffna.

His main stream of interest is on the field of water resources and environmental sustainability in civil engineering. He has undertaken a research study on the performance of storm water bio filters under intermittent wetting and drying conditions. Earlier in his career, he has done research on wastewater treatment in a UASB reactor for his MSc. and another research on seasonal changes in coastal erosion along the south-eastern coast of Sri Lanka for his BSc. Eng.

He was awarded QUT Postgraduate Research Award (QUTPRA), Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering Top-Up Scholarship, QUT Higher Degree Tuition Award, towards his PhD career at QUT.