Water Harmony Erasmus+ 5th Project Meeting, Qinodao Technological University, China


The WaterH 5th Project meeting was held in China from 30/11/2016 to 04/12/2016 at Qinodao Technological University. This meeting was organized as per the Partnership agrееmеnt on Harmonizing water related graduate education (Water Harmony) with Еrasmus+. This supports projесt сooреration bеtwееn 10 universities in Norway, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, China and Sri Lanka.

Dr. S.S. Sivakumar, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, UoJ participated to this meeting. Information exchange, appropriate curriculum systems within the universities related to water and wastewater studies, were discussed in the meeting. This led a chance to collaborate with other university staff from Norway, German, Poland, Ukraine, China and even Sri Lanka to strengthen the academic teaching.