IESL workshop on Curriculum Mapping and Aligning Assessments

IESL workshop on Curriculum Mapping and Aligning Assessments was held on 16th January 2017 at IESL, Sri Lanka. This is specially done for Civil Engineering, therefore following academic staff of Department of Civil Engineering was participated in this workshop on behalf of faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna: (i) Eng. K.M. Vignarajah, (ii) Dr. N. Sathiparan, (iii) Dr. D.N. Subramaniam, (iv) Dr. B. Ketheesan and (v) Miss. T. Logeswaran. Prof. Julia Lamborn from Australia was the resource person for the workshop and around 50 academics from universities and institutions providing 4 year engineering degree programmes in Sri Lanka participated. President of IESL, Eng. Jayavilal Meegoda welcomed the participants to the workshop.

Workshop was mainly cover the matters such as Introduction, Gaps analysis at the program level, Writing course learning outcomes and constructive alignment of assessments. All parts was covered by group activities. This is very useful to the staffs in developing curriculum and assessments towards achieving program outcomes of their courses.