Workshop on Fundamental of Power Systems using PSCAD software

A full day workshop was conducted to the students using Power System CAD program. This is to give opportunity to the students on visualizing their theoretical knowledge through simulation package. This workshop was organized by the student societies. The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society organized this workshop on 12th February full day. IT was selected on a weekend to give opportunity to all batch of interested students. Especially this was targeted to third year and final year students.

The resource person was Professor A. Atputharajah. The aim of this simulation workshop is to allow students on independent work and create open thinking skills. The workshop was designed based on problem based learning not limited to the problems given to them. The method was used student based teaching where it was expected the students to ask possible questions and solution is expected to be taken by the students themselves by simulating the problems. There were about 50 students participated and the workshop was conducted with active participation.