Department of Computer Engineering Staff participated Quality Engineering Awareness Session by SLASSCOM

SLASSCOM invited university lecturers for a “Quality Engineering Awareness Session” which was held on 6th April 2017 at Colombo. Three staff members from the Department of Computer Engineering participated the event: (i) Dr. A. Kaneswaran, Head of the Department of Computer Engineering, (ii) Dr. M. Siyamalan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, (iii) Ms. J. Segar, Lecturer (Probationary), Department of Computer Engineering.

Brief of SLASSCOM: SLASSCOM is the national chamber for IT/BPM industry in Sri Lanka, which acts as a catalyst of growth of the Sri Lankan knowledge and innovation by brand building and marketing to win global business while developing industry capacity and capability to deliver world class excellence.

Brief of the session: Even though product and service quality is one of the key aspects in Information Technology, current mindset of Quality Engineering is not considered as a trending profession in today’s IT industry. In reality, manual testing is becoming obsolete and a technical skill of testing has become essential within the careers in IT. Hence, SLASSCOM has organized a session to create awareness on quality engineering and focus on the skill set required for a career with Quality Engineering. Objective of the session is to explain the career aspiration and the opportunities exists in evolving IT industry related to Quality Engineering. As a result the SLASSCOM cordially invited 3 lecturers from each university to participate for a half a day conference which was held on 6th April 2017 from 9:00AM- 1:00PM. Conference was held at Winchester Ballroom at the Kingsbury Hotel.