Dr. Anburuvel presented at Jaffna Science Association

The Jaffna Science Association invites professionals to deliver technical talk for the development of the region as well as transfer of technology. Dr. A. Anburuvel, Head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Lecturer of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering invited to deliver a talk on transportation. The title of the talk is “ORIGIN – DESTINATION TRAFFIC DEMAND – IMPORTANCE, CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS”. The talk was very well done on 3rd May 2017 and it was chaired by Professor A. Atputharajah, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

It is also good to mention that Dr. A. Anburuvel is working with the Government Agent of the Jaffna for the Strategic City Development Project supported by the World Bank funding. This project is targeting the transportation development of the Jaffna city for the year 2050. These are the essential contributions of the faculty of Engineering for the regional and the country development from the free education system.