Mechanical, Manufacturing and process laboratory of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies is moving to its permanent building

The mechanical, manufacturing and process engineering section have been functioning at temporary place since start of the faculty in February 2014. In May 2017 this section got the permanent buildings completed. The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies have been allocated spaces in two places. One is at mechanical, manufacturing and process engineering building for mechanical section and a few rooms in the first floor of the administration block for mathematics and complementary studies. Head of the department’s room is also located in the administration block.

Later part of May 2017, the Department of Interdisciplinary studies completely moved to our permanent places and set-up all labs and offices. The Department thank, those who host us temporarily and to support us for uninterrupted operation. At permanent places, almost all the basic labs have been set-up fully-fledged, and started functioning smoothly.