Head of the departments visited to the University of South Carolina, USA

Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Dr. T. Thiruvaran, Head of the Department of Computer Engineering – Dr. A. Kaneswaran and Dr. B. Ketheesan from Civil and Environmental Engineering visited to the University of South Carolina in USA. Here the team separated into two groups to cover the as many as possible visits. This visit was coordinated by Professor N. Ravichandran and supported by care for education.

Visit to University of South Carolina focused on understanding the use of geotechnical centrifuges to conduct model tests for various applications such as strength and capacity of foundations for bridges/buildings, settlement of embankments, stability of slopes, and earth retaining structures. The team visited Dr Inthuorn’s laboratory to learn the application of geotechnical centrifuge. Besides, the team visited hydraulics and environmental laboratories of University of South Carolina.

Then the team visited to the Department of Electrical Engineering observed the facilities and laboratories. A presentation was also observed from Mr. Chandrashekhar on biosensor.