Dean and the Head of the interdisciplinary studies visited to the Iowa State University, USA

The Dean Professor A. Atputharajah and Head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. A. Anburuvel visited to the Iowa State University on 6th June 2017. This visit was coordinated and supported by Professor Sritharan together with care for education. It was good learning points on how they conduct classes for the similar two groups of students, usage of online materials for teaching, work load of human resources there in both tenure and non-tenure tracks. Further visited the engineering carrier services unit and learnt their functions, internship to the students, internship supervisor and feedback from internship. Also we met their lecturers and a group of students separately to understand the results of the operations as interested on design and Independent work. Number of independent group study rooms and sections were observed. Further during the break, summer courses are offered to the students to improve their communication skills. Also we visited few laboratories. It was excellent discussions on different aspects and steps taken to motivate and provide opportunities to the students on learning.