Second batch of Kelani Sakthi program was completed and MOU was extended with Kelani Cable PLC

The Kelani Sakthi program is delivering Electrician courses in Tamil Medium as free education system fully sponsored by the Kelani Cable PLC industry from June 2014. This is to empower community by producing knowledgeable electricians with skill on work. This was carried out for last three years after signing the first MOU on 17th June 2014 for three years. As this MOU was successfully completed in 2017 and the second batch of 24 students also completed their electrician program, a certificate awarding event was organized on 16th November 2017. On this date, the second phase of MOU was also signed to extend this program for next three years with the full sponsorship from Kelani Cable PLC Ltd. Annual budget of this program come about one million rupees as sponsor from Kelani Cable PLC Ltd. This event was blessed by the Professor Ratnam Vigneswaran, Vice Chancellor and Mr. Mahinda Sarnapala, CEO of the Kelani Cables PLC Ltd and his team. This whole program was coordinated and successfully conducted by Dr. T. Thiruvaran, coordinator of the Kelani Sakthi program and Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.