Prof Kumar David visited to the Faculty with his friends

Professor Kumar David, who was involved in writing the original proposal of the Faculty of Engineering in 1979, visited to the Faculty with his friends. He was very happy with the development took place and the growth of the Faculty of Engineering. He wishes the Faculty, Staff and the University of Jaffna for further development and their good services.

Going back to the history of the Faculty of Engineering (Reference from the report on the establishment of a Faculty of Engineering in the University of Jaffna, prepared by the Senate Sub-Committee on the Faculty of Engineering, Approved by Senate on 02.12.2002 and the Council on 1.12.2002):

The Senate and the Council of the University of Jaffna decided in 1979 that a Faculty of Engineering should be established in the University of Jaffna as soon as possible and appointed a Committee of competent professionals to study the matter and submit a report. The committee of professionals consisted of the following: (i) Late Prof. T. Sivaprakasapillai (formerly of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya), (ii) Late Prof. A. Thurairajah (formerly the Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya and the Open University of Sri Lanka and later Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna), (iii) Mr. A. Ragunathan (Dockyards Ltd. Colombo), (iv) Dr. P. Sivaprakasapillai (formerly of the University of Moratuwa) and Dr. A.K. David (formerly of the University of Peradeniya). The committee submitted a comprehensive report in 1980. The report was adopted by the Senate and the Council of the University of Jaffna and was submitted to the UGC for its approval.

The UGC appointed its committee in October 1987 consider the request made by the University of Jaffna comprising (i) Dr. S.M.A. Perera (Chairman), (ii) Prof. C. Dahanayake, (iii) Prof. Willie Mendis, (iv) Prof. Milton Amaratunga and (v) The Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna or his nominee. This committee too had a number of sittings and submitted a report in November 1988 recommending the following almost in the same order of earlier committee: (i) A Faculty of Engineering be set up attached to the University of Jaffna, (ii) The Faculty be located in Kilinochchi, (iii) The Initial intake be 50 students for the academic year 1991/1992, (iv) Additonal provision be made in the UGC estimates for 1990 prepared in 1989, for capital expenditure in 1990 for new faculty and (v) A professor of Civil Engineering and two technicians be appointed in 1989 to prepare for the commencement of building works in 1990. Accordingly a professor and two technicians were appointed in 1990. This shows clearly the history started from 1979 for the Faculty of Engineering and very carefully landed on the ground in 2014 for its best services to the country.

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