Establishing of Engineering Studentship

This scheme is planned to keep the fund in the fixed deposit and release the interest to provide studentship. Few well-wishers have already donated money to establish this engineering studentship. Mr. Sunith Fernando (300,000 rupees), ” Nalan Virumbi ” (400,000 rupees) and Mr. Noel Selvanayagam (1,200,000 rupees) have helped the faculty by donating the money to establish this studentship. This will help the financial support to the students at the Faculty of Engineering. This is target to provide 1000 rupees per month to 10 students per batch. Selection criteria of this studentship starting (first year) purely based on needy students and when it goes to final year it will be converted towards performance base. Therefore a poor students performing well will be benefitted this studentship and he/she will be converted towards higher rank in the batch. This was a continuous process and finalized in May 2014.