Third batch was inaugurated on 9th November 2015

Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna has successfully inaugurated the orientation program of the third batch of students on 9th November 2015. There were 49 students registered out of 50 allocated. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Professor K. Kandasamy, who represented the Vice Chancellor of the University and the team of the Faculty staff members. It was noteworthy to mention that the faculty has been operating very successfully for the last two years according to the schedule prepared back in February 2014. According to the calendar, the academic program of the third batch starts on 7th December 2015 and the students are expected to complete their degree by August 2019.

The students from earlier batches performed well in their studies. They also participated in different level competitions including national level and bagged many awards. We wish the new students also to succeed in every endeavor.