A workshop “Energy efficiency and Energy Audit” was successfully conducted

Two resourceful professionals conducted a seminar on “Energy Efficiency and Energy Audit” on 17th November 2015. They are, Mr. Philipp Tobias Poferl, Consultant (Arqum GmbH, Germany) who is currently working on the energy audit project on small and medium scale businesses with GIZ and SLEMA and Mr. Nimal Perera who was the president of Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association. Both the resource persons conducted this workshop for half day at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jaffna. This workshop is very advantageous for the undergraduates to get a good technical understanding on how to perform an energy audit in an organization. This program mainly targeted on the undergraduates and the engineers in Kilinochchi region. This program was coordinated by Dr. V. Cynthujah and the Faculty thanks her, for the extra motivation on organizing this practical knowledge sharing event successfully for the Engineers, Researchers and Students.

Areas covered were: (i) Improving energy efficiency through energy audits – How to perform an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247, (ii) Technical opportunities to increase energy efficiency covers – Cogeneration, Electric drives and power transmission, Lighting, Compressed air Ventilation and cooling (iii) Economic evaluation of energy efficiency measures – Simple payback period, Net present value, Benefit to cost ratio and Life cycle costs

Biography of the resource person: Philipp Tobias Poferl is a consultant in Arqum GmbH which is a Consultancy firm for Occupational Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Management from September 2011. His main activities include Implementation of energy management systems according to DIN EN ISO 50001, DIN EN 16247 and LEEN-standard. He also performed Implementation of environmental and resource efficiency management systems according to EMAS III, DIN EN ISO 14001 and ECOPROFIT. His specific skills within these projects are Project design, Project coordination, Data capturing and benchmarking, Identification and evaluation of energy aspects, Assessment and calculation of energy efficient measure, Discussion and project evaluation with top management and technical staff, Execution of management reviews with top management, Moderation of meetings of the top management and the energy managers, Project acquisition, Lectures and workshops concerning environmental and energy management according to various international standards, Moderation of LEEN-Projects including Workshops for industrial companies and Participation in the internal team of experts for energy efficiency and energy management.