Dr. K. Chelvakumar visited the faculty and delivered a talk

Dr. Kasivisvanathan Chelvakumar visited the Faculty of Engineering on 23rd February 2016. He had discussions with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Head/ Department of Interdisciplinary Studies regarding the services that he can render to the faculty and collaboration with IIT, Gandhi Nagar, where he is presently serving as a visiting professor.

He, further, engaged in discussion with staff members of Mechanical Engineering regarding mechanical engineering curriculum, equipment, teaching methods and postgraduate studies. The discussion lasted for nearly 05 hours, helped to put the mechanical engineering curriculum in a better shape. Young mechanical engineering staff actively participated in the discussion and thanked Dr. Chelva for his inspiring guidance on academic arena.

He also delivered a talk on the same day titled ‘Finance for Engineers and Experiences’. The talk was jointly organized by Faculty of Engineering and IESL/ Northern chapter. The talk was attended by many engineers from the industry, staff of the faculty and students.

Dr. Chelva’s biography and news on his earlier visit can be found in the following URL http://www.jfn.ac.lk/eng/content/professor-kasivisvanathan-chelvakumar-v…